Leadership Development via SWOT

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Society Views A/E and Environmental Industries Positively-How Do We Leverage That?

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As a leader, how often do you ask yourself if you can do more to benefit society while keeping consistent with your firm’s mission? Is there another stream of revenue– one that is particularly meaningful– that you are leaving untapped?  If you’re unsure about how to get started, begin with your firm’s strategic plan. Michael Porter…

DB: A/E Business Viability Risk or Sustainable Practice?

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2016 DBAssociationTranssurvey

What has the A/E industry learned after 30 years of Design-Build and CM-at-Risk infrastructure projects? The industry has learned that owners love it. And, they have learned that it has stung many A/E firms.  It is clear that the owners are the winners, not A/E firms. Must A/E firms continue to be the victim or…

Making Money Leads to Good Things

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Doug Reed and Chuck Berry

New projects are exciting and new business is necessary for survival. If you don’t take the time to scope the project and price it right, you’ll lose more than profit. Can your firm afford to lose its good reputation, be known for providing poor service and, thus, create low staff morale? Oh, by the way,…

SWOT Your Way to Your Future

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Growing a business in not natural for most

The Halo Effect: What is it and can I use it to power sales?

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What Is It We Do That Has the Largest Impact on Business? Your employer’s reputation is based on what?  Its website?  A 2017 survey revealed that only 12.2% of AEC firms feel that its website has the most impact on business. As far as I am concerned, a website has very little impact on a…

Why you’re not meeting your clients’ needs

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I am excited to offer you a free downloadable tool to keep your services positioned for high-demand and high-profit. See below for the link. Read to find out why this is so critical to your career and financial health. You created your business model back when your company was formed or when you took over as CEO. You…

Use these steps to avoid CRM implementation failure

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A strong Client Relationship Management program (CRM) can be a major asset for your organization’s revenue generation engine. But… effective CRM implementation is OFTEN TRICKY and more often than not, it fails. Time and money is lost and frustration and blame leads to misery. There is a right and wrong way to implement CRM. Very…

SuperStar Project Managers Are the Envy: Set Yourself Up On Day One

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Doug Reed Performing Like a Superstar

What if I told you that you could become a superstar project manager and it wouldn’t be that difficult. I’ll show you how to set yourself up to be the envy of your peers and you don’t need to be Michael Phelps. Learn ways to reduce on-the-job stress, enhance your reputation, become a top profit…

Three questions for successful client relationships

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Want to build strong relationships with your clients from the beginning? One that ensures all their goals and issues are addressed effectively to set you both up for success? Then, client relationship management must be a top priority. This does not mean you “roll over” when pushed by a client.  Of course, these are two…