Learning is not an “event”

Training, education, learning, knowledge, skills, or whatever you call it. If you are a marketing coordinator, a senior manager, principal or CEO, you seek more of this. And, you’d like to spend your time wisely.

Perhaps you seek this to benefit your personal life, not just your professional life. But, often there is a disconnect between wanting to learn and putting it into practice. Just because the boss says, “go,” does not make a motivated participant.

If your role is managing the business or projects, marketing, or selling services, how will you achieve the desired outcomes and benefits? It has to do with the design of the learning programs you provide to your staff.  Click here to shortcut to what I mean.

I came across a Harvard Business Review Discussion Group topic asked, “Is training worth-while?” The Discussion Group comments are from 40 persons across the globe, from academics, business managers, and management consultants. I have two takeaways.

For any learning program to be effective for an individual, that person must have a desire to participate and learn. This means that the staff member must be in an environment where learning is encouraged, and recognized ALL THE TIME. Does this exist for you?

Why Throw Away Time, Money and Possible Gains?

Learning program opportunities are lost– time and dollars wasted– without focused and frequent post-classroom, instructor-lead applications. Applying learned skills requires a behavior change which comes with practice and leads to confidence. Thus, regular learning support is crucial, until the new behavior becomes permanent.

Comprehensive Programs Encourage Long-Term, Sustainable Changes

Learning is not a one-time event. If there is not a program to support and encourage practice, practice and more practice, behavior will not change. Most individuals go back to life as it was.

So, this leads back to the first observation. The environment must include ongoing support, encouragement, and recognition, to take hold.

Outcomes of the learning program are realized like:

  • Higher Revenue
  • Higher Profits
  • Higher Reputation
  • Greater Career Satisfaction


20150108_DougReed_292FosterGrowth provides workshop style education programs such as strategy execution, sales process and implementation, and project manager proficiency.  The structure of FosterGrowth’s workshop and coaching are an efficient way to transfer a lot of knowledge and instill common tools across the company’s staff.

Where we really deliver results for you and your employer, is ongoing support and coaching.  This is not the same as career coaching.  This is working with one person or multiple-groups/offices, on a regular basis, until proficiency is achieved and the outcomes of the learning program are realized like:  Higher Revenue, Higher Profits, Higher Reputation, and Greater Career Satisfaction.

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