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Strategy Execution book

 The Insider’s Guide to
Powerful Strategy Execution 

by Doug Reed, PE

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Doug Reed of FosterGrowth

Author  •  Consultant  •  Educator  •  Thought Leader

As an early adaptor, Doug developed his team and delivered many breakthrough technologies to his clients.  Does AI, Remote Sensing, and Virtual Reality seem scary? Doug will guide your team by first imparting business growth skills, then their development of worthy and clearly communicated strategies. This culminates in an aligned and energized movement which he guides through execution of the strategy to its celebrated conclusion.

How We Engage with Business


Doug not only helps you identify stress points, he helps you implement their solutions. You don't need someone to point out barriers, unless they can offer a solution. Learn about our solutions and guided execution.

Solutions Center

Doug has crafted a powerful library of learning: Articles, webinars, white papers and more. Locate answers you seek for the challenges you face today. The Solutions Center is designed as a tool for you.


Doug excites and motivates his audience with his thought-leader insights on the most pressing business challenges. His engaging delivery sets the stage for any corporate retreat or professional organization keynote.