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Selling in the Digital Age

Never before has sales methodology changed this fast. Firms who 2 years ago thought they were current are now far behind. This means that growth and prosperity are threatened for most firms because we stereotypically are not adept at embracing change. The good news is that firms who are most open to change and adaptation of the new methods have a prime opportunity to leap ahead of their competitors.

Is that you?

FosterGrowth provided group and one on one sales training and coaching on customer relationships and sales, and a supporting CRM process. Our sales staff is exceeding their prior performance, and our digital marketing and print advertising is more effective. FosterGrowth also supported our start-up of a laboratory business in a new geography which is contributing to our growth. Doug quickly got to know and be valued by our staff. The tools and strategies that Doug brought to our business will be utilized by our staff to generate new business for years to come.

Ronald Warila
Division Manager/ Microbac Laboratories, Inc

What has changed?

The most obvious is technology. The less obvious is the changing buying habits of our customers. What has not changed is the emotion driven channel that both our staff and our clients are tuned to as they work their way through the buying process. We are still human.

What is different is that modern sales processes more fully understand this process and how to use the variations of the human mind to tailor the process. Thus, selling in the digital age must combine this deeper understanding of relationship selling, the efficiency of technology, with the paradym of staff and clients who grew up only knowing the digital age.

How Can You Tell If Your Marketing and Sales Leverage the Digital Age?

Supported Solutions

FosterGrowth fully understands the new age of selling. The first step for you is to assess your marketing and sales processes against the opportunity presented in this new age. FosterGrowth will interview those who are engaged with marketing and selling, review marketing and sales reports and meeting agendas, financial reports, proposals, social media posts, email campaigns, business plans and even active project contracts. With a firm grasp of how the firm conducts business, FosterGrowth will document findings and conclusions and make recommendations to a sequence of activities to transition to the new age.

FosterGrowth then works with the management team to develop an implementation plan that includes milestones, tactics, learning programs and direct coaching. The extent of coaching varies but often includes working with profit/division center managers, business development focused staff and marketing staff.

Sales training is likely an critical baseline step. FosterGrowth can provide this as a series of coaching classes, or there are several on-line sales training programs FosterGrowth can recommend. It may be that the firm already has a selected sales process. FosterGrowth works with all established platforms to coach staff to understand and then embrace the processes until it becomes standard behavior.


Sales Learning, Coaching and Sales Management


Coaching follows FosterGrowth’s Certainty Approach to learning that includes:
1) Learning
2) Learning while applying the new skills to day to day real clients and pursuits and then to
3) Repeating the process with the diversity of real life pursuits until proficiency has been achieved.

Marketing and Lead Generation Programs

For those responsible for marketing and lead generation, FosterGrowth will show you how what is often thought of as separate activities, are now fully integrated solutions in the New Age. Centralized systems can now screen early leads against “best fit” criteria to eliminate wasteful and distracting low probability pursuits. Technical staff can now spend their precious non-billable time on qualified pursuits to achieve success rates in excess of 75%. And, to secure higher quality clients to support high margin, high reputation and high reward services. FosterGrowth will mentor and coach staff, and to direct them to a variety of external learning sources to create a powerhouse marketing and lead generation program that follows the prospects through the positioning stages to close more business.


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