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FosterGrowth’s On-line Project Management Learning

This Program is built on three progressive levels of proficiency - the first is an engaging and flexible on-line project management learning course.

There are three reasons for project manager under achievement. First, managers’ skills are insufficient or inconsistent across the company. Second, is apathy and lack of discipline. Thirdly, due to culture traps that have developed over many years.  Technology and changing delivery systems, such as design-build, present risks to an untrained team. Thus, project management learning is critical. 

FosterGrowth’s solution will elevate your project manager and division managers to "A-Team" proficiency.  We will transform your culture to one where everyone understands how the business runs, is committed to working smarter, and is proficient at applying their skills to daily project challenges.

Our Project Manager Proficiency Program is built on three progressive levels of project management learning. The first is an engaging and flexible on-line course, AEC Business Management Training, by AEC Business Solutions. The 2nd and 3rd levels are on-line group coaching sessions that connect the course material to each participant's active projects. As a result, participants learn to be comfortable with their new skills and their performance boost becomes permanent. 

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What Do Program Participants Have to Say?

“We put our entire management team through the [AEC] business management training program and have seen almost instantaneous improvement to our bottom line.” 

Bill Zink, P.E., President, Christopher Consultants

“I had the pleasure of receiving over a year of project management coaching from Doug Reed. The program gave me the tools to manage projects so they are more financially successful than I thought was possible while still providing our clients with a great product that they are happy with. I highly recommend Doug's program.”

Garrett Bergey, Project Manager, SDE Engineers. 

The program exposes senior staff and managers to ideas that relate directly to what we are doing on a day to day basis. It allows us to discuss these ideas and information not only with a highly experienced expert, familiar with exactly what we do, but also to interact with our co-workers, both in our own office and from other offices."

Profit Center Manager, BSC Group, from course survey

How does this structured learning program work?

Project Management Learning 3 levels

Our Business Proficiency Program is a 3-level program that applies centuries old wisdom about effective learning.

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand”  –Confucius, 451 B.C.

This structured learning program deepens the skills of each team member by using real-time project management activities. Each level advances your firm until you have secured premier business status.

Meet Your Facilitator

DOUG REED PRESS PHOTOS 8x10_0002_20150108_DougReed_140

Doug Reed, P.E. spent over 25 years managing A/E/Env projects for firms ranging from 25 employees to 3000. He was a consistent top performer and was twice elected shareholder based on his contribution to the bottom line and his boost to the firm’s reputation.

Doug’s clients spanned many business sectors; private, institutional, agency, federal and municipal for example. Since 2010 Doug has been providing growth and profit focused services to engineering, architectural and environmental firms in North America.

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Overall Concept

  1. On‐Line Individual Learning
    10 modules, scored to document learning (pace is customizable)

  2. Structured Review & Application Workshops (60 minute video or audio call)
    10 group sharing and learning clinics between on‐line module completion

  3. Coaching Kata (real project application) for permanent ingrained behavior (email, project
    data review, phone consultations)
    • Troubleshooting
    • On Demand Individual Support

  4. Program Goals
    • Transform project managers into business leaders.
    • Create a culture where everyone is looking for ways to improve financial results.
    • Increase project profitability by 1‐5 percentage points.
    • Implement more staff accountability and focus on measurable results.
    • Improve internal processes and business management best practices.
    • Create/track individual or team goals for continued future success.
    • Improve communication across your leadership and project manager teams
    • Keep your staff engaged with self‐paced, interactive, fun format
    • No time out of the office or loss of billable time.
    • Provide employee development investments producing a high return on investment.

  5. Program Approach
    • Access staff and analyze what is going on in your business
    • Identify goals and desired behavior changes for each course and the program.
    • Hold a kickoff meeting where leadership communicates goals, expectations and gains staff
commitment to improve.
    • Mandate participation.
    • Create a 10 or 20 week schedule for completing on‐line course.
    • 6 to 12 months regular meetings and coaching.
    • Encourage use of the “Take Action” to set goals.
    • Measure and monitor behavior changes to align with communicated goals.
    • Establish a process for accountability including rewards/incentives and consequences
around achievement of goals and financial performance.

  6. Profitability Program Kata (Experiential) Learning

  7. Structured Follow Up
    • Immediate application of new skills to real projects
    • Group troubleshooting, celebrations at regular meetings
    • Moment of need support for Group Managers: text, email, skype
    • Supervisor learning
    • Document Profit Boost
    • Celebrate Achievements

Here’s How To Get Started

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Then, bring your questions to the conference call. We can provide choices best suited for your needs. Our three levels represent the comprehensive program and there are various tiers available to you.

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