To change or not to change. How does it impact your future?

Do you contribute to a 401(k)? Do you have a mortgage and plan to have it paid off someday? These thoughts and actions we take or don’t take, are related as we must start now, to protect our interests later.

How about your career and business interests? Do you constantly work to improve you, your team, or your company’s position? It is my observation that we get stuck in the weeds until something really big and bad happens.

In my 401(k) example there is a reason we act early. We are hammered on the subject in all directions such as the media, promotional mailings, our company’s benefit info sessions, and our family or spouse. Thus we act.

Would you, your team or your company benefit if your relevancy and position were always on your mind? Might an advocate who guides you provide you with an advantage?

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I have coached many executives and whole management teams to take control of their future by being their external influence. This is also the foundation of my peer-reviewed book Lead A Movement available on Amazon and Kindle.

I was fortunate to work and be an owner in an environment where there was an intensity to stay relevant and improve one’s position. Along the way, I discovered success not by doing it all myself, but by coaching others to advance themselves.

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