Growth & Profit Strategies

SWOT Your Way to Your Future

By Doug Reed | June 23, 2017

Growing a business in not natural for most

Your firm is missing revenue if junior staff isn’t billable

By Doug Reed | September 21, 2015

The best use of technical staff is to be billable, right?  One needs more technical and managerial experience to be effective at sales, right?  Yet, there are 3-4 times more junior staff then senior staff. If you could get that many more people driving sales just how fast can you go? Lucky for me I…

Measure little steps while climbing a mountain. There are rewards along the way.

By Doug Reed | April 15, 2014

Long term and consistent revenue growth is central to a healthy business and career.   Career growth can only occur if there is a place into which to grow.  To be healthy long term, a company must retain quality staff.  And staff won’t stick around if they cannot find a place in which to grow. How…