Measure little steps while climbing a mountain. There are rewards along the way.

Long term and consistent revenue growth is central to a healthy business and career.   Career growth can only occur if there is a place into which to grow.  To be healthy long term, a company must retain quality staff.  And staff won’t stick around if they cannot find a place in which to grow. How about ownership transfer and wealth generation?  Again, revenue growth must occur or it won’t be financially attractive to be an owner.  And, what about the day an owner wants to cash out?  Wouldn’t it be nice if that buyout could fund a comfortable retirement?   So, the goal is to achieve consistent revenue growth.  What little steps are necessary to get there?

A simple tool that measures the little steps toward revenue generation exists in every company’s time sheet system. developed the tool in that environment and named it the RFT.   Just like the steps climbing a mountain, there is far more benefit then just measuring each step.  It is experiencing what each steps feels like and what each step brings into view.  That is the fun of learning.  So, the RFT is far more than a measuring tool.  The RFT catalyzes many experiences and behaviors attached to creating revenue.  The RFT has delivered real world annual revenue growth of over 20% and it can be an important tool for you too.

The Revenue Forecasting Tool (RFT) (below) is a graphical expression of a proven process. Certain steps, if we learn to execute them well, will lead to success. It lets us know with certainty that there are steps to a robust workload.  We must 1) position and meet a prospective customer, 2) develop a good relationship, 3) spot a business opportunity, and 4) influence our customer to secure our services.  Long term revenue, job satisfaction, achievement, and happiness follow.

To get started: track your activities in these steps and educate yourself on the methods. Then practice and adjust, practice and adjust.  And, ask for help.   Implementing this requires both learning and experiencing the process, learning and experiencing decisions that move you closer to new business and a rewarding career.  FosterGrowth will work closely with you and your team to learn, probe, test, and implement.  The result is described with this trend chart of marketing/sales costs vs time.  The arrows point to cause and effect events, and tells you that you are on track well before that opportunity turns into booked backlog.

The RFT is a strategy overlying a tactical process. has lived this process, over and over, and successfully increased revenue by 75% while lowering the cost of sales.  Now, he brings this powerful tool to the A/E/C industry.  Would you like to break out, exceed your expectations, and be the envy of the industry?

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