Certainty blasts away career limits

You may be a CEO, or you may be a mid-level technical or business professional. Either way, to reach your goal with the certainty that you will be better off and happy, you first need to believe in the outcome of your decisions. Remember that certainty is built on belief.

Olympic runner Roger Banister believed he could run a mile faster than anyone had run it before – without proof! Once he proved it, many more runners followed. Belief was contagious. The point is, no matter what your hierarchal position in your firm, if you have certainty, you will succeed and you will influence many others to also succeed. This is why we focused on certainty (that is, the elimination of doubt). Certainty is a critical ingredient to any successful initiative.  But certainty is an outcome. It takes faith, belief, and commitment (cousins of certainty, to be sure) to embark on this journey in the first place.

So, how can you proceed? Recognize and eliminate the toughest barriers before you can begin. As humans, we are emotional beings (yes, even us “logical” engineers, architects and scientists).  Even when a method has been proven millions of times and testimonials abound in books, training programs, magazines, and webinars, many of us still find a reason to avoid change. When there are no logical barriers left, there are only emotional barriers. Emotional barriers are not real. They exist only in our mind and we stay stuck. While we may gain temporary satisfaction by doing business the familiar way, we will benefit if we can break through and realize long term gain.

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