How to turn on a dime, seize market opportunities and maximize profits

California’s historic drought is all over the news. You can’t escape it. And, for those people and businesses affected, it’s a tragedy. Like any natural disaster, there are industries, such as engineering and energy in this case, that can benefit from them. How can your firm make a much-needed difference and grow profits? file0001379338996

When working with clients, I look for or I ask “What are the new and growing needs of your clients that can leverage some of your core skills?” Then, “How might you modify or augment those skills to be seen by clients as high value?” The question isn’t whether or not you want to take advantage of such opportunities but more likely, are you prepared to react when opportunity strikes– many times, at a moment’s notice. This requires pro-active strategic planning that includes a service/product life cycle analysis and an in-depth understanding of clients’ business drivers.

As Erik Sherman who writes for Forbes highlights in his article, 9 industries most likely to profit from California’s drought, “There will be businesses, new and old, who find that water shortages will produce profits.” Wouldn’t it be a shame to be one of the nine and not be able to meet the needs of the marketplace as quickly as your competitors? The profits are yours to lose. Not all Strategic Planning is the same. Contact Doug to discuss how you can stay positioned in high-margin, high-demand services.