You don’t need to be senior to stimulate healthy sales behavior

Consider doing this. As a CEO, ask  your staff to have a conversation with their clients that has nothing to do with the project.  As a Marketing Manager or Coordinator, when staff tells you they are conducting a client visit for a proposal, ask them to bring back something about the client, like what that client person likes about their job.  See how many times the client’s response fits nicely into your proposal.

No matter what your position, ask how staff feels when they talk to clients at this level.  They will say it feels good.  (And, you don’t need to tell them they just completed one of the most basic approaches to sales: Gaining insights into how a client thinks).

Yes, client relationship skills are important. They can be taught and learned. I stipulate that the single biggest impact on doing, is by making it a regular topic of discussion, at as many company and small group meetings as possible. And, by creating transparency in who is doing what in the area of sales.   How to create transparency?  One simple way is to measure it and distribute the data to everyone. Who is meeting what client for the first time?  Who is deepening relationships and knowledge of clients’ priorities? Who is working with clients to develop scopes and approaches? And, who is closing the deal?   By sharing and trending this data, you will be surprised at how many positive events will follow.

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